Jessica Grace Booker

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I am a North Carolinian through and through. I was born and raised in Greensboro and attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I was a McNair Scholar and received my BA in Political Science/Spanish with a Minor in Social Entrepreneurship. In 2014 I moved to Charlotte, and in 2019 I was crowned Miss North Carolina Cosmos United States.

Before getting into real estate I worked for a company called Varsity Brands. Varsity Brands focuses on elevating the student experience through sports, spirit, and achievement. I’ve been a dancer and competitive cheerleader since middle school and got to do both while attending Chapel Hill. I was even a member of the Hornets dance team, the Honeybees when I moved to Charlotte.  I still do work for them from time-to-time as a part of my ministry and commitment to developing female athletes across the country.

My job at Varsity prepared me for my career in real estate. It was at this job that I learned the importance of helping my clients keep the bigger picture in mind no matter what. It’s never just about the transaction, but about the lessons learned.

I got my real estate license in the summer of 2015. I love the psychology behind selling a space; what and where you call “home” has a tremendous bearing on so many other aspects of anyone’s life and approach to it. Being able to be a part of that tremendous process is an exciting honor. I did a lot of research before deciding to move from Greensboro to pursue a career in real estate, and Charlotte was the clear choice. The growth happening here has been unprecedented and I have not loved the opportunity to help people realize their goals through homeownership since I’ve arrived on the scene.

I remember wanting to work at Savvy + Co. when I first got licensed in 2015, but I didn’t feel like I was prepared, experienced, or knowledgeable enough to work at Savvy. Honestly, without necessarily saying it out loud, I’ve been working towards being able to work with Savvy since I got my license. Now that I’m here, the support has been AMAZING, especially transitioning into these processes during a pandemic. The more time I get to spend with my actual clients, the more time I get to live up to the Savvy standard and cultivate an experience for each of my clients rather than just going through a transaction.

I am a self-proclaimed and proud nerd. I taught myself how to read bass clef so that I could play the piano if that’s any indication of the kind of nerd I am. I went to the Early College at Guilford in Greensboro and wrote my school’s alma mater. I love getting into the weeds when it comes to data and numerical interpretation and then presenting information in a way that allows anyone to feel confident in their ability to make an informed choice. This comes in handy when advising buyers on locations, being selective about demands from their sellers, and approaching home acquisition from a logical standpoint, especially as it relates to working in tandem with my mortgages partners. For my sellers, it means being able to craft a strategic approach to listing, making home improvements, and negotiating. Being a nerd means being able to reconcile both the macro- and micro-aspects of each transaction for the ultimate benefit of my clients.

I love Charlotte, and I love smashing barriers for my clients. As a relocation specialist, I work closely with first time homebuyers across all price points. With my love of numbers and analysis, I’m able to make things more digestible for buyers. Growing up bilingual there is nothing I enjoy more than connecting with clients in both the Latino and Hispanic communities to make languages one less barrier to realizing one’s real estate goals.

My goal as an agent is to make clients fall deeply in love with Charlotte by guiding them through the buying process with numbers, team spirit, and a dash of fun.

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